GiveNOLA Day

The Willwoods Community and WLAE-TV are participating in GiveNOLA Day – the community’s first online giving event hosted by the Greater New Orleans Foundation – on Tuesday, May 6th.

Please support us by going online at and your donation dollars will receive a little lagniappe!

Support WLAE During This Holiday Season

Dear Friend:

When you or a family member looks for quality television programming that educates the mind and inspires the soul, where do you turn?

If you are like many in our community, you watch WLAE-TV – New Orleans Public Television.


Because you know that WLAE brings wholesome television programs that inform and entertain right to your home. And you also know that you’ll get to experience the best that local public television has to offer produced by a talented and caring team of broadcast professionals.

Your contributions have helped make WLAE the award-winning television station that it is. We are so grateful to you for supporting our efforts. Thanks to you, WLAE has touched the lives of thousands with our productions of The Daily Mass from St. Louis Cathedral, Go Coast: Louisiana, Hello Health, The Story of Covington and Glory Days: The Catholic League of New Orleans, just to name a few.

WLAE is your local community public television station. We exist to serve you with programming that educates and enlightens.

In this uncertain economic time, the Station counts on your support – now more than ever. Your gift is extremely important to WLAE because it provides resources that make an immediate impact – that will help sustain us through these interesting – and tough – times.

Your gift of $50, $100, $500 or $1,000 can make all the difference to everyone here who works to serve you with the programs and community outreach that we provide. Please consider making as generous a gift as you can.

As technology advances, WLAE is committed to staying on the cutting edge – for you and for every person in our region who values this important resource. Please help to make this possible with
your contribution.

Your donation will make a world of difference. I promise you.

Thank you so much for your help. May you have a blessed Christmas season and a prosperous and Happy New Year!

Rev. Thomas E. Chambers, C.S.C., Ph.D.

Ron Yager
V.P. & General Manger

The Story Covington ~ A 200 Year Journey ~ Red Carpet Gala

WLAE and Covington Mayor, Mike Cooper, hosted Celebrate the Journey a red carpet gala event.  The soiree was created to premier the latest documentary from WLAE and LAE Productions entitled “The Story of Covington ~A 200 Year Journey.  The gala was attended by the many of the films underwriters and local dignitaries.

Here are some of the guests as they entered the Fuhrmann Performing Arts Center in the heart of downtown Covington.

2012 Year End Letter

Dear Friends:

Thank you! Your support of WLAE over the past year has allowed us to serve the New Orleans community and the people of Southeast Louisiana with quality programs and services that positively impact lives. Your investment in our mission has helped to educate at risk children get ready to learn, aided an underserved population with access to vital healthcare information and provided inspiration to the elderly and shut-ins with the broadcast of the daily Mass. Your generosity has also allowed WLAE to produce award winning documentaries and specials such as Glory Days: The Catholic League of New Orleans Part II and Go Coast: Louisiana, which will be seen nationally on public television stations next year.

In 2013, we want to continue our good work, but looming federal budget cuts present many new challenges. How can you help? Please consider a financial gift that can advance our valuable services and help secure our financial future. Give to keep WLAE strong. Our rewarding and important work benefits us all.

As the year winds down we hope that you will keep WLAE in prayer as you finalize your end of year charitable giving. For your convenience we have enclosed an envelope for your use.

All of us at WLAE wish you a happy, healthy and blessed Christmas season with a New Year filled with peace, hope and love.

With warm regards,

father tom signature 2 2012 Year End Letter
Rev. Thomas E. Chambers
President, WLAE-TV

ron 2 2012 Year End Letter
Ron Yager
V.P & General Manager, WLAE-TV

P.S. Please help us to honor the memory of our founder, Archbishop Philip M. Hannan, as we continue the mission to educate, inform and inspire through television and digital media. Please give as generously as you can.

WLAE… We’re Local And Effective

I recently had to write a report for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The theme of the report was the local content and programming produced by WLAE. As I delved into the report, I soon began to realize that when you step back and take a look, at WLAE, we produce a large amount of local programming. Adding it all up came to over 10 hours a week. That’s over 40 hours a month. That’s over 480 hours a year. That’s a lot!

How do we accomplish all of this? Having a great staff of dedicated employees sure helps, but partnering with area businesses and organizations really makes all of this possible. Here are three key factors.

Local Value

For over 28 years, WLAE has been an essential part of New Orleans and Southeast Louisiana. Over the years, we have built a reputation for quality content that is both wholesome and trustworthy. The high level of need for accurate, unbiased, community-based programming in our region is critical. WLAE uses its production strengths in the areas of public affairs, health and education to affirm its value to the community.

Local Service

Many of our local programs address the community priorities listed in our strategic plan. From live “call in” shows about healthcare to informative panel discussions with government and civic leaders, WLAE strives to serve the region with content that viewers can use to better their lives.

Local Impact

“The Hello Health partnership between WLAE and Ochsner Hospital has proved very beneficial for our patients and physicians. Not only are we able to reach the public with valuable medical information on television, but also via website streaming and at our community outreach seminars.”
Susan M. Piglia, Director, Corporate Wellness at Ochsner

“Working with WLAE has been an enlightening and gratifying experience. Their professionalism is evident on every level, but so is their enthusiasm for the culture and beauty of Louisiana.”
Renee Kientz – V.P., Communications St. Tammany Tourist Commission

Be on the lookout for two new local productions coming to WLAE this summer. On Sunday, June 24th, the Go Coast: Louisiana series premieres and on Sunday, August 26th the much anticipated Glory Days – Part II will debut.

Happy Viewing!

Ron Yager
Vice President and General Manager WLAE-TV