Corporate Underwriting

Spotlight Your Business

Become an underwriter on WLAE-TV

  • Be in Good Company.
  • Take advantage of the best Image Marketing opportunity.
  • Get the ultimate Corporate Responsibility Recognition.
  • Give a contribution that has an Immeasurable, Invaluable and Powerful Impact.
  • Build Consumer Trust.
  • Reach the Higher Income market.
  • Reach the Highly Educated market.
  • Support the Best in Children’s Programming.
  • Reach a Diverse Audience.
  • Reach an Audience with a Specific Interest.
  • Support a Major Community Resource.
  • Reach community Leaders in Business and Government.
  • Make Employees Proud.
  • Give Employees an Opportunity to serve their community.
  • Get the Special Support of Public Television viewers.
  • Participate in powerful Education Support activities.
  • Enjoy a unique Investor Relations opportunity.
  • Place your message in an Uncluttered Environment with No Competing Messages.

For more information about becoming an underwriter of programming on WLAE-TV, please contact Jim Dotson at 504-415-0952.