A Message from WLAE on the Proposed Funding Budget Cuts


WLAE is deeply concerned that funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting could be eliminated in the proposed federal budget. Federal funding is vitally important to WLAE and all public media entities.

Public media is one of America’s best investments. At approximately $1.35 per citizen per year, it pays huge dividends to every American. From expanding opportunity, beginning with proven children’s educational content to providing essential news and information as well as ensuring public safety and homeland security through emergency alerts, this vital investment strengthens our communities. It is especially critical for those living in small towns and in rural and underserved areas.

WLAE uses our grant from CPB to help make possible a diverse schedule of educational, informational and inspirational programming. Also, grant funding is used in our local productions and documentaries such as Fats Domino: Walkin’ Back to New Orleans, A Tribute to Toussaint, The Story of Covington and Made in New Orleans, just to name a few.

It is important that members of Congress hear directly from their constituents. We are encouraging everyone to contact their representative and senators to express their views about public media and the proposed elimination of funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Make you voice heard at www.protectmypublicmedia.org