Praying for a Miracle

A WLAE Original Documentary

praying-for-a-miracle_posterDuring the night of January 7th in 1815, Andrew Jackson and his relatively small band of soldiers organized their defenses against the large, very well equipped British army which would attack the city of New Orleans before dawn. At the same time, many citizens not directly involved in the army joined the Ursuline Sisters in an all-night vigil in their chapel on Chartres Street, imploring Our Lady of Prompt Succor to give the victory to Jackson saving the city of New Orleans from British control. During the night, the Superior, Mother Ste. Marie Olivier de Vezin, promised Our Lady that if Jackson and his men won, a Mass of Thanksgiving would be sung every year in memory of her saving help to the city on that day. As history notes, Jackson was victorious and each year on January 8th a Mass of Thanksgiving is celebrated in honor of Our Lady of Prompt Succor.