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Educational Broadcasting Foundation, Inc.

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 792497
New Orleans, LA 70179-2497

1500 River Oaks West
Jefferson, LA 70123

Phone: 504-830-3700
Fax: 504-840-9838
LAE Productions: 504-830-3730
Volunteering & tours: 504-830-3700
Viewer services: 504-830-3700
Member services: 504-830-3700
Willwoods Community: 504-830-3700


Ron Yager
WLAE-TV – President

Jim Dotson
LAE Productions – Vice President and General Manager

David Wolf
Executive Producer

Helen Sigur
Director of Development

Richard King
Director of Programming

CJ Jumonville
Director of Sales and Institutional Advancement

Dave Snowdy
Facilities Technical Officer

Tom O’Connor
Chief Engineer

Nailah Jones
Production & Traffic Coordinator

William Hill
Production Operations/Producer/Director

Ted Ochoa