2017 Christmas Appeal

Dear Friends of WLAE:

As I look back and reflect on 2017, I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you, our loyal stakeholders, for your support of WLAE during the past year. Whether it was through financial means, words of encouragement, volunteerism or prayer, your generosity is always much needed and greatly appreciated.

This past year our president of WLAE, Fr. Tom Chambers, retired and moved back to the University of Notre Dame to live with his Holy Cross brother priests. Fr. Tom was a great encourager and loved that WLAE used emerging media to educate, inform and inspire the people of New Orleans. Fr. Tom was especially proud that the core values of WLAE, established over 30 years ago, still hold true today and are ongoing, especially in the presentation of The Daily Mass on television and around the world via the internet.

One of Fr. Tom’s favorite WLAE programs was, A Gift of Love – Henriette Delille and the Sisters of the Holy Family. This Gabriel Award winner and Emmy nominated documentary film celebrates the life of a group of Catholic women who stood up to kneel down for Jesus. As a thank-you gift, I would be happy to send you a DVD copy of this inspirational program for any contribution that you make to our annual appeal at $50 or above.

Your year-end donation is tax deductible and will help us keep some of your favorite local programs on the air that include topics such as travel, sports, food, healthcare, Louisiana culture, the Daily Mass and praying of the Rosary.

Please know that WLAE is here to serve you and the viewers of Southeast Louisiana. Once again, I thank each of you for financially and prayerfully supporting our efforts and send my warmest holiday wishes to you and your family. Your gift of support, however large or small, goes a long way to help making WLAE – Television Worth Watching.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Ron Yager
Vice President & General Manager

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