A Tribute to Toussaint

A WLAE Original Documentary

toussaint_poster_2We spent nearly 4 years planning, researching, recording, editing, and polishing one of the biggest projects we’ve ever produced and presented. Our hearts are heavy over the loss of such a tremendously talented man. At the same time, we are so very grateful and humbled to have partnered with our friends at NOAAHH to celebrate Allen’s 75th birthday and tell just a portion of his amazing life story. We honor his legacy by offering, for the first time ever, A Tribute To Toussaint, uncut and uninterrupted on WLAE this Saturday, November 14, 8pm and Sunday, November 15, 9pm

At the end of November, PBS stations from all across America will have the opportunity to broadcast A Tribute To Toussaint. Over 200 television stations have agreed to carry this program over the next 2 years. We anticipate an additional 100 stations will pick this up for broadcast by the end of 2015.